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The Core Essentials Bundle

$465.00 $418.50

The Core Essentials Bundle

Our Core Essentials bundle features our debut four-piece collection of the foundational essentials for optimal skin health:

Halcyon Cleanser, the botanical gel emulsion dream cleanser

Cocoon Dew, the multi-active face mist for hydration and soothing benefits
Ambrosia Beauty Nectar, the daily anti-aging super-serum
Gold Drops, the face oil that works like a topical multivitamin nutrient cocktail

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$465.00 $418.50
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Founder's Note

I call these the 'core four' because they deliver an incredibly streamlined, ultra-high-performance, multi-beneficial ritual that's meant to be foundational in skincare. All of these products were either our top-selling favorites or the ultimate blend of our classics.

Using these products together really allows you to experience the true vision of Gentlerist, by enabling you to experience the unique textures, cutting-edge technologies, and fresh botanical ingredients throughout, showcasing how they work together to deliver transformative, unparalleled results.

How to use

All products can be used morning and evening, daily.

The general guideline is to follow a four-step ritual of cleansing, face mist, serum, then oil.

We invite experimentation with our products. Adjust the dosage, frequency, and layering to find a custom ritual that works best with your unique skin needs.

If you live in a particularly dry environment, give your skin another treatment of Cocoon Dew prior to applying Gold Drops.

Prefer a high-efficiency ritual? Mix Ambrosia Beauty Nectar and Gold Drops into a milky egg-like emulsion and apply to your skin for simultaneous delivery of hydro-lipidic nutrients.


Where can I see the full ingredients list of the products?

Please visit the individual product pages for their respective full product information, including full ingredients list, use recommendations, and additional formula information.

Are these products vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free?

The Core Essentials are all vegan, and gluten-free. We do not add fragrance. All of the ingredients in our formulas are formulated for performance and efficacy. Due to the use of botanical actives, many ingredients contain innate fragrance component. This is not delivered through artificial/synthetic fragrances, nor harsh/sensitizing essential oils.

Are the products in this bundle full-sized?

Yes, you'll be receiving the full-sized products.