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Are your products cruelty-free?

We are a cruelty-free company. Gentlerist does not conduct nor condone animal testing.

I made a mistake on my order, help!

Please reach out to us as soon as you can with your order #, and as much detail as possible. Our client care team: send email here

Once an order has been shipped, we may not be able to change addresses, nor revise an order.

Why is there no option for expedited shipping?

As our products are made fresh, there is no inventory sitting in a warehouse. This yields exceptional quality and potency, but is not suitable for expedited shipping as ingredients have to be processed, and bottles filled after orders are placed.

If you want to make an order, and know there might be a time crunch, please email us with your desired order (product name, and size), shipping address, and the date you need to receive your order. Our client care team will reach back out to you to let you know when we will be able to get your order ready, and provide you with expedited shipping options.

Does your international shipping include customs duties and fees?

Our international shipping fee covers the cost of shipping.

As the recipient, you are responsible for payment of import duties, and customs taxes. These are charges assessed by the government, and we have no control nor insight into the amount you'll be charged. Payment of these charges is necessary to release your order from customs to you.

If you refuse the pay this charge, the order will be returned to us. We will not be able to reimburse the original shipping fee.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. We also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

Do you offer samples of products?

We think sampling is a fantastic way to see how a product may work for your individual skin needs.

Our goal is to make samples of our products available in due time.

Tell me about your environmental impact.

We hate waste, and love efficiency. The environment is important to us. We actually have in-house environmentalists who help us do things in sustainable, ecologically-responsible ways.

The bottom line is that we're a carbon-neutral company, always striving to do better.

I have a question that isn't answered here.

Please contact us!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made fresh in-house in the United States.

How are products made?

We produce in micro-batches made on-site daily to ensure freshness and efficacy. All formulations and resulting products are created in-house and most of the ingredients are sustainably and bio-dynamically grown from our own land.

Products are made by our team in our lab located right next to our land to ensure immediate access to live bio-dynamic ingredients so we can deliver products that use the highest quality actives. Some chiral ingredients are produced by labs we work with exclusively in the US.

Are your products safe for pregnancy & lactation?

Our collection is formulated with safety and efficacy in mind. It is designed to be considerably safe for pregnancy and lactation. Many of our team members, and our co-founder herself, use our collection through their entire pregnancy.

As we know that every situation is unique, if you do have any personal and specialized concerns, we recommend consulting your personal care physician.

I reordered a product that I really love and I noticed that it seems to look or smell a little different, why is this?

Due to the live, bioactive, and dynamic nature of our fresh products, raw plant material may slightly differ in features such as their natural fragrance based on a variety of factors such as climate, and soil conditions.

We only use pure ingredients that are grown in organic or wild craft conditions so there are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers in our products. We do not use synthetic fragrance to control the scent so the fresh aromas in our products are 100% natural, straight from the earth.

What ingredients do you avoid using in your formulas?

We have a stringent guideline for both safety, and efficacy. Our products are not only considered 'clean' skincare, they're 'green beauty' products. Here are the ingredients we usually avoid:

- synthetic fragrances & phthalates
- parabens & phenoxyethanol,
- PEG’s,
- aluminum,
- nylon,
- sulfates,
- artificial colors,
- mineral oil,
- silicones,
- petrochemicals,
- triclosan,
- GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism),
- urea,
- non-food grade alcohol,
- formaldehyde,
- hydroquinone,
- benzoyl peroxide,
- propylene glycol

I have a product specific question.

We have frequently asked product questions specific to that product on every product page.

If you don't see your question, please reach out to us!