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Who We Are


Yun is our co-founder and product formulator extraordinaire. A seasoned skincare guru, Yun is a chemist by profession with a successful track record in formulating products for mass market and high-end beauty brands.

Yun’s passion for skincare stems from her own affliction with severe acne and troubled skin. Since her early teens, she has battled unrelenting breakouts, cystic acne, severe scarring, irritation, sensitivity and stress damage that left her searching far and wide. She discovered products were filled with ingredients that were not beneficial for skin health and often detrimental toward overall health. Dermatologists prescribed rounds of antibiotics, injections, and retinoid creams that treated symptoms yet never addressed the root causes or improved the quality of the skin. Following two grueling rounds of Accutane that wreaked havoc and sidelined her modeling career in New York City, Yun was determined to personally develop the products she had been searching for and enrolled in school, where she went on to receive dual degrees in Natural Sciences and Chemistry.

As part of her education and professional development, Yun studied and worked with botanists, herbalists, chemists, aromatherapists, and holistic health practitioners to advance her understanding and natural intuition of botanical ingredients and their effect on skin health. Soon her grasp of cutting-edge skin technology and mastery of the infinite nuances of raw plant material made her the go-to formulator in the industry. From there, she developed her technical prowess in innovating new skincare technologies and processes that set best in class benchmarks for expressing and delivering the nutritional and beneficial efficacy of active ingredients. However - no line captured her vision of uncompromising skincare, one with no restrictions for quality, costs, and craftsmanship. Armed with all the knowledge and skills she had honed, and with access to the best labs and most groundbreaking ingredients, she began brainstorming an industry first: a cleanly formulated line that was driven by the science and technology yet deeply reverential to the most powerful and transformative natural ingredients - an edited collection of uncompromisingly, high-performance products that delivered results that were simply unparalleled.