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Gold Drops

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Gold Drops

The face oil, redefined. Our multifunctional, universal face oil that works as a nourishing multivitamin nutrient cocktail that deeply moisturizes, replenishes, plumps, and renews the skin from signs of stress, premature aging, and environmental damage. This liquid gold provides the skin with the most bioavailable array of antioxidants, ceramides, essential fatty acids, minerals, omega-lipids, vitamins, and phytonutrients.

Superior lightweight, silken texture • Not processed with heat or chemical treatment • Non-comedogenic • No Added Fragrance • Non-photosensitizing

$120Size: 30ml / 1 fl oz

A face oil like no other, Gold Drops is an ultra-nutritive multitasker that unlocks full skin potential. Made from 30+ botanical actives, including an infusion of pure plant-derived pro-collagen molecules, in precise ratios to perform as a comprehensive multivitamin and nutrient cocktail for the skin that fuels optimal function. Our biointelligent-formulation process maximizes the potential of face oils: providing a carrier base of bio-identical lipids that is mimetic to the skin's own healthy lipid profile, and carries the nutrients deeper down into the skin than traditional face oils.

Our bioidentical lipid profile intelligently mimics the skin's healthy barrier compsotion, helping to supplement the lipid barrier, lock in moisture, while lubricating the skin matrix.

Gold Drops is loaded with the essential vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, beautifying minerals, anti-irritants, and phytonutrients that work alongside clinical topicals like Bakuchiol, Astaxanthin, and CoQ10, making it the ideal skin fuel.

Founder's Note

We've streamlined our oils into one-superpowered oil that dare-we-say, out performs them all. Gold Drops is designed for daily use, and as such is filled with best of class ingredients that are active, and functional, yet well tolerated by most skin types.

We didn't skimp on functionality. Gold Drops is aptly named as it works like a topical multivitamin cocktail for the skin, contains a powerful antioxidant seed complex, as well as powerful anti-aging actives that are clinically shown to restore dermal volume, boost skin elasticity, and ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This silky, featherweight oil absorbs quickly into the skin yet powerfully nurtures the skin due to a base of plant oils formulated in perfect ratio to replicate the skin's own healthy lipid profile.

How to Use

Apply oils after the skin has been cleansed and toned. Lighter water-based serums should be applied before oils or mixed together.

1. Start by gently shaking the bottle to activate the concentrate.

2. Dispense onto the palm. The amount needed will differ from a few drops to a dropper full based on individual skin condition and climate. Use a light hand when introducing into a regimen, starting with just 3 to 5 drops and adjust to the desired amount based on skin feedback.

3. Bring fingers from the free hand together with the oil so it is dispersed on both hands. The palm will serve as the passive-smoothing instrument while the fingers provide more targetted massage for optimal absorption.

4. Press palm on cheeks and forehead and use fingers to gently massage skin in upward motions moving away from the center of the face. Pay attention to press the oil into fine lines, wrinkles, and areas prone to dryness.

5. Massage along temples and jawline, the oil serves as a conduit to ease tension and lift stress. Use daily morning and evening.

Use within 9 months of opening for optimal freshness.

Select Key Actives

Bio-identical Carrier Complex (Jojoba Seed Oil, Marula Seed Oil, Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil): the foundation of our face oil is crafted from a precise ratio of nutritive, nourishing plant carrier oils formulated to deliver the ideal texture for lightweight, fast absorbing, yet moisturizing performance. This complex is designed to support the skin's natural, healthy lipid composition as it contains a biologically identical composition of essential fatty acids. These are also incredibly nutrient-rich in the ideal array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that the skin needs. Deriving our face oil's base from concentrated seeds and bio-identical squalane, presents a rich source phytonutrients which work to repair, and rejuvenate the skin, while also stimulating cell production to slow down aging, increase cell turnover, and diminish damage leaving supple, healthy skin cells.

Antioxidant Seed Complex (Green Tea Seed, Prickly Pear Seed, Rosehip Seed, Pomegranate Seed, Chia Seed, Black Cumin Seed, Red Raspberry Seed, Kalahari Melon Seed, Virgin Blueberry Seed, Carrot Seed, Tomato Seed): a superior complex that contains the most concentrated bioavailable antioxidants in topical form extracted entirely from organic plant seeds, the most nutritionally-dense source to naturally exist.

Why is that important? Our antioxidant seed concentrate has the highest topical ORAC values which effectively fight free radical damage, repair skin, restore youth, and protect skin. This nutrient-rich complex contains bioactive, full-spectrum antioxidants such as polyphenols, EGCG, resveratrol, vitamins (C+E), isoflavones encapsulated in essential fatty acids from the seed-based life source of the whole plant that the skin recognizes and can fully utilize. A super-concentrate for optimal health, reverse the effects of aging, heal skin, and promote radiance from within.

Seabuckthorn + Helichrysum: Known as nature's multivitamin and the "Immortelle" essence, respectively, these two actives work together to regenerate skin tissue for a youthful, radiant glow while also regulating skin's defenses to combat stress or hormonally induced breakouts, and blemishes to the complexion. Seabuckthorn is rich in carotenoids, and anthocyanins, two champion nutrients for youthful skin that also defends against environmental impact from UV, pollution, and blue-light, while Helichrysum is the most hardy plant that resurrects itself from harsh conditions, rich in vital-nutrients including vitamins, antioxidants, and phytosterols.

Desert Plum Extract and Date Palm Seed Extract: clinically-proven actives that restore dermal density and facial volume that depletes with aging. Our extracts contain pro-collagen type 1 molecules, that revolumize, and restore, and a plethora of phytocompounds that decelerate the rate of skin aging, improve natural skin defense, neutralize primary aging aggressors (SOD and catalase), reduce protein carbonylation, and protect against lipid peroxidation.

CoQ10: a longevity antioxidant that is bioidentical to skin's own supply that depletes with age, CoQ10 is necessary for metabolic energy within each skin cell. Studies show that CoQ10 treatment helps to brighten the skin, reverse sun damage and environmental exposure, and promote collagen production.

Full Ingredients List

S. chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, S. birrea (Marula) Seed Oil*, Squalane*, P. armeniaca (Apricot Kernel) Oil*, C. sinensis (Green Tea) Seed Oil*, O. ficus-indica (Prickly Pear) Seed Oil*, R. canina (Rosehip) Seed Extract*, P. granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Extract*, S. hispanica (Chia) Seed Extract*, P. domestica (Desert Plum) Extract*, N. sativalack (Black Cumin) Seed Oil*, H. rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit and Pulp Extract*, R. idaeus (Red Raspberry) Seed Extract*, C. lanatus (Kalahari Melon) Seed Oil*, P. dactylifera (Date Palm) Seed Extract*, A. schizochytrium (Marine Algae) Oil*, V. corymbosum (Virgin Blueberry) Seed Oil*, Bakuchiol^, Astaxanthin*, L. albus (White Lupin) Seed Extract*, C. inophyllum (Tamanu) Seed Oil*, C. quinoa (Quinoa Peptides) Seed Extract, Ubiquinol (CoQ10)^, Bisabolol^, D. carota sativa (Carrot) Seed Extract*, S. lycopersicum (Tomato) Seed Extract*, Tocopherol*, J. sambac (Jasmine) Extract*, H. italicum (Immortelle) Extract*, R. officinalis (Rosemary) Extract*, R. centifolia (Rose de Mai) Extract*, C. luzonicum (Elemi) Extract*

* Organic
^ Derived from Organic Plant Sources

Additional Information

Texture: Light oil.

Suitable for: All skin types.

Packaging: 30 ml / 1 oz ultra-violet glass. 100% Recyclable.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry area away from direct exposure to sunlight.

✅ No Fillers
✅  Cruelty-free
✅ Vegan
✅  Gluten-free
✅ Citrus oil-free
✅ No volatile essential oils
✅ Non-Photosensitizing
✅ Non-Comedogenic
✅  No Artificial Fragrance
✅  Made fresh in the USA


Clean, 100% Botanical Actives, Cruelty-free, Nutrient-Rich, Vegan


This light, silky textured 100% plant-based bioactive facial oil is fuel for the skin to optimize its condition. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, beautifying minerals, and phytonutrient compounds, all the essential skin foods for resplendent health, in precise ratios.

What it is: The most versatile, nutrient-dense, multi-tasking daily use face oil.

✔️ Non-comedogenic
✔️ Dewy, never greasy
✔️ High-speed absorption
✔️ Balances oil production
✔️ Anti-irritants
✔️ Bioidentical nourishing lipids

Skin Feel: A silky, lightweight oil that rapidly absorbs, nurturing the skin and leaving a fresh, dewy finish.

The Science of Gold Drops

Made with only optimizing plant oils and adaptogenic herbal extracts that strengthen the skin barrier and rebuild the integrity of the skin's lipid barrier. Precious organic key actives such as Pomegranate Seed and Apricot Kernal fend off environmental and stress-induced damage while repairing, renewing and stimulating skin on a cellular level. Red Raspberry and Dandelion infusion aid skin exposed to pollution, smoke, UV radiation, and urban stress, and help to expel impurities and toxins from congested pores. This potent nutrient powerhouse calibrates imbalances and speeds up recovery. The transformative, multitasking Skin Fuel acts as food for skin, delivering optimal active nutrients daily to enhance skin quality, perfect cell function, and prevent premature aging. Your skin will be left clear, nourished, rejuvenated, and velvety soft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gold Drops good for oily, and acne-prone skin too?

Yes! All skin types can benefit from Gold Drops, which work like multi-vitamins for the skin. Gold Drops is non-comedogenic, and addresses skin imbalances and inflammation, which will benefit those with oilier and acne-prone complexions.

Does Gold Drops feel different from other face oils?

Most face oils primarily 'sit' on top of the skin. While this provides good moisture locking benefits, we created Gold Drops to fully utilize the therapeutic potential of oils as a conduit for nourishment and nutrition.

As a result, Gold Drops will feel more lightweight and silky than traditional face oils. You'll feel it rapidly absorb into the skin. This light feel is quite different from most face oils that stay on top of the skin. But rest assured, this is engineered to deliver nourishment past the skin surface, and into deeper layers for more complete nourishment. Over time it works more effectively at alleviating dry skin, and restoring the skin from within.

Is Gold Drops photosensitizing?

Gold Drops is non-photosensitizing and does not contain phototoxic essential oils.

Our formula further supports the skin due to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. These qualities make it ideal for layering under your sunscreen during the day for added protection, and as a therapeutic repair treatment in the evening.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Best face oil I've used

My skin can be quite reactive to oils, but Gold Drops worked on it perfectly. In fact, my skin drinks this right up. It's not that oily at all, and disappears quickly. My skin looks younger, brighter, firmer, healthier. In fact, I think even my pores have become smaller. My husband who has oilier skin loves it too. This is very well made.

Kalia V
Very happy with this

Gold Drops is a game changer. It's very moisturizing, non greasy, soothing, and works on both my dry patches and breakout areas. My fine lines seem to have lessened a lot, breakouts reduced, dryness gone, and my skin glowssss.

Chanel P.

Gold Drops is so so light. But how is it also so moisturizing? My skin felt quenched, and so nice after applying about 5 drops overnight. It's barely there, but is doing so much for my skin. Love it!

Seema B
This oil is a must.

I have been using face oils for over 20 years. Gold Drops, is hands down, the most impressive. My skin comes alive with this, and glows like no other.

The best oil.

Wow. I'm simply stunned by how brilliant Gold Drops is. As a long time YULI customer who has used Liquid Courage, and Skin Fuel, I was worried I would be without my favorites. But Gold Drops is true super oil. It's light and silky, nourishing and comforting, and smells like a fresh flower farm. I'm amazed by the level of the new Gentlerist products, and Gold Drops is a phenom of a face oil.