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Originally Posted on: A Glowing Notion - YÜLI Appreciation Post



"I started working on a post about my natural skin care and beauty products discovery when I realized this post was what I wanted to write all along. It started when I discovered No More Dirty Looks and one of my favourite blogs, Genuine Glow. Lilly from GG got me hooked on trying out natural skincare and from her blog, I came across YÜLI. I ordered as many of the samples from Spirit Beauty Lounge as I could, to try out the brand’s products before committing as they do carry a hefty price tag. When my skin improved within a couple days of using the samples, I was amazed. The entire line is made with natural and/or organic ingredients, without harsh chemicals and irritants. I have tried almost every product from their line, and as I am writing this, I think that I am due for a refill of my favourites!




Let’s start with Halcyon, the brand’s cleanser. It is an effective, gentle cleanser that I find is best used as a second cleanse after makeup removal or a morning cleanse. It has a clear, gel-like texture that leaves your skin feeling fresh and supple without over-drying.


If you have acne scarring or sun spots, Cell Perfecto PM is a serum benefited to those who have hyper pigmentation and sun damaged skin. It works well on fading acne scars and evening out your skin tone. I enjoy using this serum at night especially, and waking up with radiant skin.

Cocoon Elixir is a toning mist for sensitive skin to aid in reducing inflammation and redness. My favourite way to use it is with the Pure Mask (mentioned below). It dramatically reduced the redness in my skin and calmed all irritation (win!).

M.E Skin Fuel is a serum for those with oily-skin, to balance and provide clarity. It absorbs quickly and heals blemishes. I used it every day in the summer time and didn’t need to wear foundation.

Modern Alchemist is a serum for aging skin, as it has the thickest consistency of them all. I found it to be a little drying for me because of the retinol complex in the serum perhaps? I increased my usage gradually as per advice from YÜLI and it worked well at softening lines and plumping the skin.

If you have oily and acne-prone skin, the Panacea Elixir is a great toning mist as it has antibacterial properties to help clarify the skin. It helps to balance skin and keep it free of congestion.

Pure Mask is a Holy Grail product that cannot be replaced (in my opinion). It is a powder that you can mix with any medium and apply as a mask. It dries and once rinsed off reveals calm, clear and refreshed skin. I cannot speak more highly of this mask. My favourite way to use it is to mix it with the Cocoon Elixir, organic honey or a water and apple cider vinegar mix.

Liquid Courage is the only one on this list that I haven’t purchased in full size, but is definitely on my wish list. I had a sample that lasted me about a week and it healed surfacing blemishes and gave me a healthy glow that I have been unable to reproduce with any other product. I am looking forward to using it in its entirety and will report back.

The brand does not advertise and has become a cult favourite simply from word of mouth. I respect their approach of incorporating the purest ingredients in their formulas to produce high-quality, performing products. The products are made in small made-to-order batches in the US.

This is purely an appreciation post, and is not sponsored (Gosh, I wish it was). The thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own, with factual information taken directly from the YÜLI website. It has been a few years now that I have had their products in my collection. Even when my blog was just a thought, I knew I had to create an appreciation post for this company. I have been experimenting and sampling all sorts of different products that have made my skin texture just horrible so I am looking forward to finalizing my thoughts on those and going back to the basics."

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