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As the holiday sales are getting underway, we know it can feel a little overwhelming to pick the perfect gift, especially when it comes to skincare. So if you're looking for gifting inspiration this holiday season, we've got you covered. Our founders are sharing their favorite YÜLI products for gifting. 




For the wellness-minded


Pure Mask 

"We have a 100% success rate with gifting Pure Mask to anyone that embraces self-care time. Not only does Pure Mask deliver that perfect at-home facial experience to pamper and relax, it infuses a topical dose of actual supplements like transdermal magnesium as it rejuvenates the skin."

For the Youth



Halcyon Cleanser

"Not only did we create Halcyon Cleanser as the perfect cleanse for all to enjoy, it's also the cleanser we wish we had during our teenage years when so many of us mistakenly believe that a strong, lathery cleanser that left the skin dry meant that it was working. If we had this cleanser back then, it would have been the single most important product that would have made all the difference in our skin health."



For the Minimalist


M.E. Skin Fuel

"For the purists, and minimalists, our M.E. Skin Fuel is a brilliant, impactful single-step that'll work wonders. A nutritive face oil that packs a multitude of comprehensive benefits with only 19 of the most nutritionally abundant plant actives. Think of this gorgeous oil as a topical multivitamin nutrient cocktail."




For the Experts


Ambrosia Beauty Nectar

"Some people use skincare, and some people KNOW their skincare. They're as good as experts. They do enough research into an active to write a term paper, and are always trying the next cutting edge treatment. Ambrosia Beauty Nectar was developed with labs and plastic surgeons as a long-term solution that gets skin from point a (now) to point b (your skin decades down the road) in the most graceful way possible. It's a reliable, cutting-edge daily serum loaded with potent actives that will keep the experts satisfied in their quest for the best there is."



For the Difficult-to-Please


Cocoon Elixir

"Cocoon Elixir is that reliable product that seems to sit right with everyone. Love the sensorial? Neroli, calendula, chamomile are a beautiful trifecta of florals with serious skin-healing power. When it comes to benefits, it's pretty much universally adored for soothing the skin, calming inflammation, and strengthening the skin barrier function. Even the most finicky will be won over."

For the Traveler


Cellular Lip Conditioner

"When we travel, the things we take carry so much more meaning. I never appreciated my Cellular Lip Conditioner more than when I put it in my bag for a multi-city trip through Europe. My lips tend to get dry and chapped easily if I don't take care of it, and travel can definitely exacerbate the situation. However, with a swipe and glide of this hearty, and nourishing lip serum, my lips were healthy and never in need of more. This felt like the beauty version of a security blanket. The familiar things that come through for us mean so much more when we're in unfamiliar spaces."

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